We Are The Geek: The Chroniclers Of Darkness by Uncle Yo : 154 - Peter Capaldi & The Comic Run

Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness. "Neighborhood Watch" is a Hunter: The Vigil story. All stories are written and narrated by Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer.

This podcast is updated every other week on Fridays at noon.

This blog is also the archive for We Are The Geek podcast.

The Podcasts

Yo and Cat are locked in to discuss the major themes, spoilers and surprises of Series 8 of Doctor Who, introducing Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Clara as, dare we say, an interesting person? How perverse was the finale? Who is taking care of whom? And what does this mean for the future, the past, and our journey?

Also, guest-starring Aaron Fristik, host of the Comic Run podcast. After some deep soul-searching, the indy podcast is back full-force. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday, everyone, and we'll watch you at Derpycon!

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