We Are The Geek: The Chroniclers Of Darkness by Uncle Yo : 162 - Green Lantern with Dan Lavoie

Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness. "Neighborhood Watch" is a Hunter: The Vigil story. All stories are written and narrated by Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer.

This podcast is updated every other week on Fridays at noon.

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Yo pulls in Dan Lavoie from Team Tekko and Tiny Robot Studios to gripe and glorify the past eight years of DC's show-running Green Lantern franchise under Geoff John's Sinestro-like guidance. We trace back from Hal Jordan's descent into evil through Parallax leading up to the new event, Godhead. What does it take to sell the Green Lantern as a character? As a super-power? What the Hell is willpower if everyone has it?

LINKS: Did you check out Yo's profile at Off-Beat Bride.com yet? He can marry you and your beau/beau-in-a-dress. 

PRODUCER JIMMY'S NOTE: Read Emerald Dawn, if you can get your hands on it.  It's fantastic.

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