We Are The Geek: The Chroniclers Of Darkness by Uncle Yo : 164 - Mighty Max with Dan Lavoie

Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness. "Neighborhood Watch" is a Hunter: The Vigil story. All stories are written and narrated by Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer.

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Monday, Jan 26th: "Mighty Max"

COPY: Yo and Lavoie first met bonding over Mighty Max, the innovative, self-contained palm-sized toys for boys, as well as the 1992 animated series it inspired starring Rob Paulsen as Max. In 40 episodes, this series featured a worldview of cultures, mythologies, and even literary villainy on a macro-scale rarely seen in animation at the time. Fate vs. Free Will was pitted against each other as often as Good vs. Evil. How did they draw such compelling source material from a kids' toy?



Mighty Max Wikipedia Entry

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