We Are The Geek: The Chroniclers Of Darkness by Uncle Yo : Demon: the Descent Episode 5: Sermon of Silicon - Chroniclers of Darkness Season Two

Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness. "Neighborhood Watch" is a Hunter: The Vigil story. All stories are written and narrated by Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer.

This podcast is updated every other week on Fridays at noon.

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Eye-in-the-Sky and Mr Stillframe have one last shot to stall the galactic battle between DataMasse and Zemidir. But when an unlikely ally reveals a new side to the conflict, even the Unchained may become entangled.
You can learn more about the tabletop RPG "Demon: the Descent" by checking out Onyx Path Publishing.
Written and produced by Uncle Yo.
Starring Alissa Stahler@songbyrde
Opening and Closing by @th3Engineer
Logo by @jessibstar
Original Art by @MirandaLeiggi and @waterwriter144
Original Music by Jimmy Lin
Supplemental Music from the Hellsing Soundtrack
and Anders Manga's album, Hexed
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