We Are The Geek: The Chroniclers Of Darkness by Uncle Yo : Neighborhood Watch - Episode 2, "Zero Patience"

Chroniclers of Darkness is a serial horror podcast set in the New World of Darkness. "Neighborhood Watch" is a Hunter: The Vigil story. All stories are written and narrated by Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer.

This podcast is updated every other week on Fridays at noon.

This blog is also the archive for We Are The Geek podcast.

The Podcasts

Madge needs to be treated for her injury, and ends up in a quid pro quo with a devil on the side of the Angels: The Man from Rome...

Want to be featured in an upcoming episode? Record your CAT, and email us an MP3 at youruncleyo@gmail.com. Credit your handle and name your cat. I've got an idea!

Special Thanks to Michelle Silvani for the narrations.
Special Thanks to Danielle McRae for reading Angela's Monologue! I sure hope she comes back.
Special Thanks to Jimmy Lin for original music.

Excerpts from the album "Hexed" used with permission from Anders Manga. It's a great listen.
Thanks too for RAIDS and RUINS, one of the coolest soundtracks from "Hellsing," by Yasushi Ishii.

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Game on. Include everyone.



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